4 Tips When Moving to Austin, TX

moving to austin tx

moving to austin tx

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In 2014, Biz Journal reported an average of 110 folks moving to Austin PER DAY. That’s over 40,000 people a year!  Who can blame them?  We live in the most beautiful city in Texas surrounded by hills, lakes, rivers, live music, rich culture, and great restaurants!  Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few helpful tips if you are moving to Austin, Texas:

1. Research Locations

Austin traffic, like Austin summertime heat, is really as bad as you hear, and the 40,000 plus people moving to Austin each year doesn’t help traffic congestion.  Most locals will recommend living as close to work as possible.  It can take over an hour to drive from north to south Austin or vice versa during peak traffic times.  No one wants to spend that much time commuting when you could be out enjoying all Austin and the Texas hill country has to offer.

2. Purchasing Home Insurance

If you are considering buying a home in Austin, Texas, you should be aware of the variables that affect your home insurance rates in Texas.  Click here to read more! 

Since roof related claims are the most common homeowner claims in central Texas, if you choose to build or buy a brand new home, your homeowner rates will be much lower, since new homes with new roofs result in significantly lower claims.  If you are purchasing an older home, it’s important to hire a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection.

3. Inspect Your New Home

Be sure you have a full inspection done on your new home before signing any papers; from the foundation all the way to the roof.  Central Texas is known as “flash flood alley,” which produces a lot of hail storms. Before purchasing a house, it’s important to check the roof for previous hail damage.  If your insurance company inspects your home and determines that the roof has hail damage, the insurance company can deny coverage until your roof is repaired or replaced, which can be very expensive.   Related article: Protecting Your Roof From Hail Damage Infographic-Angie-List

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4. Recycle Your Boxes

Did you know the average American moves 11 times in his or her lifetime?  I have moved more than twice the average!  That’s a lot of moving!  Not to mention a lot of boxes (via MyMove.com). Austin is a very eco-friendly city and we highly encourages reusing and recycling our resources.  You will need to remember to take your own bags (or boxes!) to the grocery store when you shop, as city ordinance prohibits stores from providing disposable plastic bags in Austin, Texas.

Once you get settled into your new home, consider these ways you can help the environment:

  • Know a friend moving? Give them your boxes! Boxes can be reused an average of 10x!
  • Gardening? Cardboard is great for composting.
  • New to the area? Go ahead and find the local recycling station!

Whatever you decide, use that green thumb!



moving to austin tx

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If you have questions about moving to Austin, give me a call!  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about our beautiful city.  Welcome to Austin!


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