Protection for Less

Renters insurance Austin protects your possessions such as your furniture, clothes, and electronics. It also provides liability protection and guest medical coverage if someone is injured on your property.  Renters insurance is not expensive, especially when combined with other insurance lines such as auto insurance.  The average monthly premium for rental insurance is $16.00.

Your Coverage Options

Renters insurance covers your belongings against covered loss or damage from fire, lightning, falling objects, smoke, explosion, wind and hail, water damage from plumbing, steam or water heating systems.  It also protects against vandalism and theft.  In the event you are forced to move out of your rental property for any of reasons listed, you will be compensated for living expenses for as long as 12 months, up to your policy limits. 

Learn more about renters insurance from Cheri Roman’s blog, “INSURANCE, DEATH, and TAXES.”

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