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Although it may be quicker and easier to shop for insurance online from the comfort of your personal computer, it may come as a surprise to find out that working with a licensed insurance agent may actually get you better rates.

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Many people assume that they will get better rates if they bypass an insurance company’s agent and run a quote themselves online.  A lot of people are not aware that insurance companies offer the same rates to consumers whether insurance is purchased online or through an agent representing the insurance company offering the online quote.  This is true with property and casualty insurance, as well as health insurance.  The benefit of working with a good agent is that an agent will knows all the discounts you are entitled to receive, and has the knowledge to help you choose coverages that meet your needs.

As an Allstate insurance agent in Austin, Texas, I often receive calls from customers who have run an online quote and have questions about coverage options and discounts.  We are often able to lower the premium after reviewing the quote and discussing it with the customer.

Insurance can be complicated and confusing, so don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional who will answer your questions, explain coverages, and help you get you the best rates possible.  Believe it or not, there really are service oriented and honest insurance agents who care about  customers and have their best interest at heart!

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Cheri Roman
Cheri Roman
I’m a graduate of the University of Texas & have a master’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. As a former teacher, I believe in educating my clients about insurance and investment options, and partnering with them to protect their family and achieve their financial goals.

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