May 19, 2013
tips for purchasing life insurance

Tips to Purchasing Life Insurance | Austin, Texas

Life insurance is an important part of any family’s financial plan, but many people are unwilling to face the thought of death. Unique life insurance lingo and [...]
May 4, 2013
condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance Coverage | Austin, Texas

Condo owners are sometimes confused about condo insurance because they do not know what is covered by their own policy versus what is covered by the [...]
April 3, 2013
hail damage

Protecting Your Roof From Hail Damage | Austin, Texas

Texas has more hail storms than any other state, with 40% of all homeowner insurance claims related to hail damage. Hail can damage all types of [...]
March 25, 2013
parking lot accident

3 Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents | Austin, Texas

20% of auto accidents occur in parking lots. Even though parking lot accidents typically occur at slow speeds and do not usually result in serious damage [...]