April 3, 2014
The 'Full Coverage' Auto Insurance Myth

The ‘Full Coverage’ Auto Insurance Myth

The term “full coverage” gives people the false impression that they are going to be fully covered in every situation after an auto accident. When you [...]
June 10, 2013
cheap car insurance

‘You Get What You Pay For’ Auto Insurance | Austin,Texas

You may have heard the common expression in English: “You get what you pay for” or the Spanish equivalent: “Lo barato cuesta caro.” Well, it’s true… [...]
March 25, 2013
parking lot accident

3 Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents | Austin, Texas

20% of auto accidents occur in parking lots. Even though parking lot accidents typically occur at slow speeds and do not usually result in serious damage [...]
December 1, 2012
Auto Insurance For Teenage Drivers

Auto Insurance For Teenage Drivers | Austin, Texas

When an insurance company detects that a 16 year old is living in a policyholder’s household, the company will typically send out a notice informing the [...]