August 18, 2014
home insurance rates

3 Variables That Affect Home Insurance Rates

Like this article? Find more great tips by subscribing to my blog here.  Home insurance rates in Austin are determined by various rating factors. No two policies are exactly the [...]
June 20, 2012
jewelry insurance policy

Protecting Your Gems with Jewelry Insurance

Why You Need Personal Jewelry Insurance Axl Rose had $200,000 worth of jewelry stolen in Paris after one of his concerts in 2012. Fortunately, in Axl’s [...]
May 8, 2012
loss of use coverage

Loss of Use Coverage Explained | Austin, Texas

Loss of Use coverage on a standard homeowner policy protects you if you are forced to move out of your home while it is being rebuilt [...]
March 22, 2012
personal property coverage

The Importance of Personal Property Coverage

Do you know how much personal property coverage you have on your homeowner policy? Personal property is a percentage of your dwelling coverage. Do you know [...]