black friday survival tips

black friday survival tips

Black Friday can be a very busy time for those of us in the insurance business.  During the most popular shopping day of the year, there are more cars and pedestrians on roads and parking lots; therefore, more accidents and claims occur.  However, it doesn’t have to happen to you! Here are a few safety tips for Black Friday:

Road Rage

Road rage can happen at any time of year, but it seems to be more prevalent during the holidays and on the most popular shopping day of the year. Why? Everyone is impatient and in a rush to get to those Black Friday deals and let’s face it, holidays can be stressful!  Drive with caution and try not to be distracted by the extra traffic on the road, as I doubt you would rather spend your Christmas money paying your auto insurance deductible rather than purchasing Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Parking lot accidents also increase on Black Friday, as more people are driving around parking lots looking for the best parking spots, and shoppers are rushing to the next store for the next best deal.

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Personal Items in Vehicle

If you plan on doing a lot of holiday shopping and leaving your new purchases in the vehicle, be advised! Black Friday is one of the most popular days of the year for vehicle break-ins.

Now, a common question I am asked is whether or not auto insurance will cover personal property stolen from a vehicle.  The answer is 100% absolutely not!  This is true regardless of your insurance carrier.  Property stolen out of your car is covered by your renters or homeowner policy. If you do not have homeowner or renters insurance, you have no coverage for property stolen out of your vehicle.   10% of your personal property coverage on your renters or homeowner policy extends to off-premises coverages, which includes property stolen from your car or away from your residence.  In other words, if you have $20,000 of personal property coverage on your renter’s policy, you would have $2000 of coverage for property stolen from your vehicle–after you pay your deductible, of course.

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If you insist on leaving items in the car, be sure to hide them in the trunk or under blankets where there is limited visibility. It’s always a good idea to know how much personal property coverage you have on your homeowner or renters policy to make sure it is enough.

Pick Pocketing

Black Friday safety

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Be aware of your surroundings and keep your purse and wallet very close to your body. Pick pocketing is very common in large crowds where it could be mistaken for being shoved. I recommend slimming down and carrying with you only what is necessary. Be sure to leave any significant documents, like a social security card, safe at home.

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Just like personal items left in your vehicle,  jewelry stolen from your person are also covered under your renters insurance or homeowner policy if those items are scheduled or listed on your policy.  In order to schedule jewelry on your homeowner or renters policy, you must provide your insurance company with a receipt or appraisal, and then you are covered for any reason for loss, including mysterious disappearance and theft.

General Safety

Have you heard the nickname, Black and Blue Friday?  Within the excitement of the holiday deals, many folks loose all inhibition and forget basic safety. If you decide to go head first into the crazy crowds, consider the amount of liability coverage you carry on your insurance policy, as you might hurt someone in the process and be held liable for bodily injury and damages.

Whatever you decide to do this year, be smart and be aware! If you have any questions, give me a call!

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